Everyday Austerity: Support for children who experience domestic violence

This is a cross post from the blog of long term POWS member and Professor at Northampton University Jane Callaghan. Jane and her colleague Joanne Alexander writes about the impact of austerity on domestic violence services to coincide with the national Action Against Austerity week led by Psychologists Against Austerity.

Jane E M Callaghan

Jane Callaghan, Joanne Alexander

Domestic violence support agencies have experienced a roller coaster ride in funding terms over the last six years.  Funding for their crucial services has become tenuous, making the planning of services an uncertain act of hope.  Services are functioning increasingly on a shoestring, with a lot of the crucial work of these organisations being propped up by goodwill.

The commissioning framework that accompanies localism has placed many services that use to work collaboratively in local areas in competition with each other, threatening the coherence of service provision as organisations struggle to survive. It is to the credit of these organisations that most continue to work carefully with local partner organisations, but the commissioning framework is not making it easy. The batting backwards and forwards of responsibility for domestic violence work between local authority, police and public health also does not help, making it unclear  who holds responsibility for…

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