Sue Wilkinson: A POWS trailblazer & founding member


There was not much of an institutional space for women, women’s concerns or women’s voices in psychology. And that lead to the beginnings of my feminism and my helping organize POWS. As soon as there was a sort of rallying point [POWS} feminists came out of the woodwork”

This quote is from one of a brilliant series of video interviews by Psychologist’s Feminist Voices with Professors Sue Wilkinson (below) and Celia Kitzinger.

As you can see from the video interview below, Sue was instrumental in setting up POWS. She and Celia then helped set up the BPS section for LGBT people. Two radical groups in an otherwise neoliberal field.

Sue and Celia’s work has spanned conversation analysis, to the social constructionism of lesbian and gay identites, to their joint 10 year battle to recognize their same sex marriage, to more recently their fight for assisted suicide rights (spurred by the tragic car accident of Celia’s sister, Polly, in 2009). Always critical, applied and radical, their work really has blazed a trail for so many of us.

By now you’ll know it is POWS’ 30 year anniversary next year and our conference (12-14th July) will be celebrating work like Sue’s and Celia’s over the years. Please – save the date!

save the date


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