POWS Prize 2017 Announcement

At POWS we are acutely aware of the difficulties student feminist researchers face in what is still a largely neoliberal and often androcentric  discipline.

For example, in her brilliant article, Teaching About Gender: Rewards and Challenges (2013), Joan Chrisler discusses the issues she notes in bringing feminism into undergraduate psychology courses:

My own students sometimes write on their course evaluations that I did not teach them anything about the psychology of women, by which they mean how women think “differently.” The popularity of evolutionary psychology in social psychology and in the popular press is also undoing many of the gains made by gender researchers and feminist activists ( Chrisler & Erchull, 2011). Faculty who teach about gender are swimming against the tide of essentialist information in the mass media, which tells students that gender roles are natural and necessary (pg. 265).

At the same time there is a growing feminist backlash in which female undergraduate students are seen as ‘dominating’ their male peers in psychology . More broadly white working class men are now seen as the most disadvantaged in higher education. Women and BME people are regarded as tipping the balance and pushing out White men from the academy.

Not only does this blithely ignore the fact that those who rise in the ranks of psychology (let alone higher education) are still more likely to be men, it also skates over the actual source of the disadvantage that White, working class men face – their class (for a great outline of this argument see Sveinson). Furthermore class is a disadvantage that doesn’t belong to White men only, it affects compounds with the specific oppressions that women and BME people face too.

We need to challenge this feminist backlash. We need to recognize the pockets of feminist and intersectional resistance occurring in our discipline.

As a small way of doing this, we are pleased to announce, in  conjunction with Feminism and Psychology,  two awards: The POWS and Feminism and Psychology Postgraduate Student Award and The POWS Undergraduate Student Award. Both awards includes prizes of a complimentary place at our 2017 conference and opportunities for research dissemination.

Please do disseminate this to anyone eligible. Submissions need only send a 3,500 (postgraduate) or (undergraduate) Word.doc article to g.jankowski@leedsbeckett.ac.uk by 30th April 2017. More information can be found on the posters below also available in pdfs (cfp_prize2017_ugcfp_prize2017_pg) and any queries can be sent to g.jankowski@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.


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